Is an old City currently bigger then it has been since Katamite’s last Golden Age The city is built on a Rocky hill know Covered entirely in Urban and park areas and is still divided into it’s Ancient Wards The High Acropolis at the top of the Hill, The middle ward beneath the High Acropolis and the lower ward Complete surrounding the other two wards The Wards

+* The High Acropolis+ Is the Oldest part of the City the Founders were believed to be refugee’s from their original homeland in the north and built a hilltop fortress which eventually became the home of the first mage kings at the begining of Arcane dynasties period. The ward houses the Palace of Kings know used by the College of Man both the primary council and it’s electors, The Temple of Azor which slopes all the way to the lower ward, the University were both the IASC and the BAI have their primary headquarters the quarter is also know to house the wealthiest of the wealthy as well as the large estates of the Primary council and the Electors.

The Middle Ward For those who fall just short of paying for a Mansion in the High Acroplis This Ward houses less intact Ruins of days gone by the ward also boast a large community of artist and much to the dismay of richer inhabitants is being invaded by the middle class the ward has a large collection of art galleries and museum’s and has five triumphal gates leading to the lower ward the gates also double as portals to the elemental plane of water to flood the lower ward.

The Lower Ward The largest of all three wards this is were modern industry thrives and the majority of the middle and lower class are located This district houses several factories, wharehouses and datahousing facilities the ward was originally populated by thugs, criminals and political rivals, and the poor during the age of the Mage Kings the gates mentioned above in the middle ward were their to protect the Mage kings from uprisings,political rivals and invasions today the gates seem unactive the gates belong to the IASC but the throughfares underneath them belong to the city. The ward has long since cleaned up all but the most Isolated parts of the Lower Ward. The Lower Ward boast The Forum Veresilius the largest market within the City and the Ancient Pontius Maximus a racing track which still host Chariot racing a favored sport in Katamite.

Transportation* The underground metro system is the most favored mode of transportation to all three wards the largest station being located in the middle ward The High Acropolis and Middle wards street are to small for most motor transportation but the Lower Ward especially in the newer neighborhoods are large enough to support motor transportation and a system of bus can take people anywhere in the lower ward and outside of the city their is a small airport located in the middle ward and a larger one in the Lower Ward


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