Azora(Greater Goddess) Justice’s eyes Meak Sheild Guardian of the Sick Appears as a tall fair skinned woman with deep green eyes and a almost translucent sun white dress

Holy Symbol: two doves between a blue flame


Domains: good, protection, healing, fire, and law

Azora is the only deity in modern times history tells us their were more but they are long forgotten Today their is only the compassionate Azora a goddess of the weak, a goddes of justice and mercy

Shekel(Greater Goddess) Nights eye, Sins Shadow,Mother of Fear

Shekel is an aspect of Azora or another deity in herself no one knows Shekel is the chill of the night, She follows close to the sins of Mortals, and Fear itself is her scion spawned at the beginning of the world. Shekel looks like the nights starry sky in woman’s flesh.


Holy Symbol: A shadow knife

Domains: darkness,evil, hatred and death

Shekel has existed in her current form since mortals first sinned and she has followed in mortals shadow ever since whispering in their ears and encouraging any who would listen Shekel seem to hate Azora/herself for reasons know unknown


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